APRIL 2017

Jenny Phillips successfully defends her Ph.D.!  Check out her dissertation defense on the Derryberry lab YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3bCA0YG3ZY.

Congratulations Dr. Phillips!

MARCH 2017

Graduate student Casey Coomes receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Congratulations Casey!


Derryberry lab turned out in force for the largest bird meeting ever!  NAOC 2016 was excellent.  Made new friends with folks from around the world, everyone gave great presentations, and Sara took home the top oral presentation award from Neotropical Ornithology!

And former postdoc, Ray Danner, hosted an excellent symposium on heat stress with colleagues from Canada and South Africa. Learn more here:


JULY 2016

Urban WCSP field season successfully completed!  Go Jenny, Mae and Leanne!

MAY 2016

Congratulations to our graduating seniors!  WE WILL MISS YOU!

Emily Norris, Steph Piper, Kim Micotto, Mysia Dye, Jaime Rosenberg

APRIL 2016

Lots of great news this month! Go team!

Jenny Phillips was awarded an AOU graduate grant

Sara Lipshutz was awarded an NSF DDIG

Mae Berlow and Casey Coomes both received EEB graduate grants

Liz was awarded an SSE Graduate Mentoring & Teaching Award

MARCH 2016

Clara Howell received a Goldwater Honorable Mention!


Renata is joining the Tulane EEB department as faculty!

JUNE 2015

Sara Lipshutz’s first animated Jacana threat display. Very cool!

MAY 2015

Welcome to the lab little Leo Clement Danner!

APRIL 2015

The Derryberry lab cross country road trip to end all road trips. Driving all night and feeding baby birds all day from San Francisco to New Orleans. Someone should write a song about it.

MARCH 2015

We had a wonderful visit from Dr. Hans Slabbekoorn, and greatly enjoyed his Hathaway lecture.


Sara Lipshutz successfully defended her prospectus and advanced to candidacy.  Congrats Sara!

Liz joins Journal of Animal Ecology as an associate editor. Fun!


Visit from the Hickerson Lab!


Julie Danner and Ray Danner join the lab just in time to settle in before Mardi Gras. Welcome!


Sara Lipshutz awarded a Young Explorer’s grant from National Geographic Society.  Congrats Sara!

Paper with Brian Smith, Robb Brumfield, Andres Cuervo, and a ton of cool authors published in Nature!

Lab attends AOU conference in beautiful Estes Park, CO.

Liz named Ken and Ruth Arnold Early Career Professor in Earth & Ecological Science.

APRIL 2014

Renata Duraes Ribeiro awarded an AAUW post-doctoral fellowship! Welcome to the lab Renata!!

Undergrad Liz Bramlett receives a Newcomb Research Grant to conduct independent research in the lab over the summer. Liz is staying on in the lab for another year as a 4+1.  Yeah!

Postdoc, Andres Cuervo, off for a visit to John McCormack’s lab.  Bring us back a WCS genome!

MARCH 2014

Grad student Sara Lipshutz joins Jenny at the MVZ to measure WCS in their collection.  Sara then heads to the La Kretz genomics workshop for intensive bioinformatics training.  Have fun, Sara!


Grad student Jenny Phillips heads to the field for seven months of intensive fieldwork on white-crowned sparrows!


Awarded NSF grant with collaborators David Luther, Ray Danner and Julie Danner to address the effects of urban noise on song evolution in white-crowned sparrows.  Ray and Julie will be joining the lab next year as postdoctoral fellows!  Here we come San Francisco!


Lab leads very fun workshop for Girls in Science and Technology (GiST), A little birdie told me.  We’re ready for our next workshop in March!

Liz off for a visit with Cornell graduate students and the Cayuga bird club.

Paper with Joe Tobias, Nat Seddon, Charlie Cornwallis, Santiago Claramunt and Robb Brumfield accepted to Nature!


Amie Settlecowski, Catherine Rochefort and Liz Bramlett gave great presentations at the annual BEAST poster symposium.  Amie won outstanding poster - congrats Amie!

Awarded two CELT (Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching) grants for research with two undergraduates, Natasha Lowery and Amie Settlecowski.


Andres Cuervo joins the lab as a postdoctoral scholar to develop a species-level phylogeny for suboscines.


Jenny Phillips joins the lab to pursue her PhD. She plans on studying urban ecology of white-crowned sparrows. Welcome Jenny!

JUNE 2013

In the field again!  Running male territorial playback experiments with Sara Lipshutz and Catherine Rochefort in Manchester, CA. So pretty!

MAY 2013

Invited full proposal to NSF. Fingers crossed!

MARCH 2013

Sara Lipshutz awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Fantastic job Sara!


Preliminary proposals submitted to NSF. Fingers crossed!


Awarded Newcomb grant for undergraduate research with Newcomb Fellow Amie Settlecowski.


Sara Lipshutz featured in STRI news article “STRINews_Nov09_2012_.pdf” (famous already!).

Virginia takes her first steps alone!


Sara Lipshutz joins the lab as a PhD student!

JULY 2012

Joined the Tulane EEBIO department as Assistant Professor.

Sabrina Hunter joins the lab as lab manager!

JUNE 2012

Awarded an NSF grant for developing a species-level phylogeny for suboscines (Aves: Tyranni) in collaboration with Robb Brumfield and Fred Sheldon (LSU), Joel Cracraft (AMNH), Rob Moyle (KU), Terry Chesser (Smithsonian) and Alex Aleixo (MPEG).

Paper with Susan Peters and Steve Nowicki on the effects of signal degradation on song learning published in Biology Letters.

APRIL 2012

Awarded a Board of Regents Research Competitiveness Subprogram Grant for research on behavioral mechanisms of speciation.

Sara Lipshutz joins the lab to pursue her PhD!

MARCH 2012

Paper with Santiago Claramunt and others on dispersal abilities in Furnariidae published in Proceedings


Beautiful daughter, Virginia, joins the world!

December 2011

Paper with David Luther on effects of urban noise on song evolution in white-crowned sparrows accepted at Animal Behavior

Paper on song evolution in Dendrocolaptidae accepted at Evolution

Paper with Santiago Claramunt and others on climbing adaptations in Furnariidae accepted at American Naturalist


Became a Newcomb Fellow with the Newcomb College Institute


Presentation at Tulane on reforming undergraduate education


Great trip to Bloomington, IN for the 2011 Animal Behavior Conference! Gave presentation on cultural evolution in an urban songbird and saw almost all of the past and present Nowicki lab folks.

JULY 2011

Joined the Tulane EEBIO department as research professor.

JUNE 2011

Attended the Summer Institute in Madison, WI, an HHMI/National Academy of Sciences sponsored teaching workshop with new colleagues Donata Henry and David Heins.

MAY 2011

Trip to California to visit Madhu Katti’s lab at CSU Fresno and Tom Hahn’s lab at UC Davis.

FIRST IV adventure continues!  Postdoc leader at the FIRST IV meeting at UGAMI on Sapelo Island.

APRIL 2011

Paper on linage diversification in Furnariidae accepted at Evolution

Mike and Liz travel to University of the South to visit Kirk Zigler’s lab


Workshop on formative assessment with Delta Kappa Gamma (honorary teachers) of Baton Rouge.

JULY 2010

Paper on response to historical song in WCS accepted to Biology Letters


Two new generic classifications accepted by Zootaxa


Grant funded by LA Board of Regents EPSCoR Program

APRIL 2009

Paper accepted by American Naturalist


Lab News

Prospective graduate students and postdoctoral researchers should contact me for information about the lab and the Tulane Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. 

I also encourage undergraduate students to contact me about opportunities for independent study or honors research. 

We use a variety of methods and approaches including field and lab behavioral experiments, phylogenetic and phylogeographic analyses, and genomic tools to address the proximate and ultimate factors controlling variation

in communication signals and signaling.

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